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Each day of our life and at every juncture we are exposed to aroma chemicals. As we transgress through our day almost all items we use have aroma chemicals as a prime ingredient – from soaps, shampoo, perfumes, toothpaste, cosmetics, cleaners, incense, repellents to an almost never ending list.

A typical fragrance that we so identify with and can recognize is a blend of multiple aroma chemicals. Privi is India’s largest manufacturer and exporter of aroma chemicals. Almost one third of the aroma chemicals produced globally are made from chemicals obtained from a Pine tree. The stem of the Pine tree is also used globally as a raw material for making pulp and paper. Chemical building blocks required for making aroma chemicals are thrown out as waste. Privi is one of the four global companies, and only Asian company to have developed a process to isolate and purify building blocks. Privi is a fully integrated manufacturer of Pinene based aroma chemical amongst a host of other aroma chemicals consumed by organizations around the globe.

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