Our Essence

The essence of each moment

As you walk and live through each day, Aromas from Privi touch your life with fragrances that create memories and bring back nostalgia. We maintain our pace without compromising on our values and constantly challenge ourselves, serve our partners and customers. Our customers around the globe create products that carry our fragrances to millions of people around the world through home and laundry care products, as well as prestige perfumes. We hold our leadership position as India’s Leading Manufacturer, exporter and Supplier of Aroma Chemicals.


The "God Molecule" of the Flavors and Fragrance industry is used in 99% of contemporary perfumes as a freshness molecule. Privi holds a leadership position for this product and continually expands production capabilities with currently producing 6600 TPA with inhouse feed stock of Alpha Pinene.

Amber Fleur

The royal molecule of the Flavors and Fragrance industry due to its unique "Velvety" nature. This is used to impart fullness and subtle strength to fragrances.


Privi is one of the top global suppliers of Amber Fleur. To maintain its position, Privi has further expanded product capacity to 5,400 TPA. Privi has also implemented backward integration (Turpentine refinery) to secure material (Beta Pinene).

Terpineol - Pine Oil

These products are used in Fragrances as well as in the Pharmaceutical industry. The Flavors and Fragrance industry consumes about 8,000 TPA of Terpineol and 10,000 MT of Terpineol is consumed by the Pharmaceutical industry. Privi is a consistent supplier of these products to the fragrance industry with a unique backward integration process (Tupentine Refinery) ensuring consistent availability of the raw material (Alpha Pinene). Privi has developed 2 grades of Terpineol and 4 grades of Pine Oil which has expanded both its product range and usage with a combined capacity of 9000 TPA.