Sonarome (Certificate of Appreciation)

For Outstanding Performance

MANE India Pvt Ltd (Certificate of Appreciation)

Preferred Supplier

Firmenich (Certificate of Appreciation)

Strategic Partner

Maurice Ward (Category manager)

(Aroma Chemicals Purchasing Givaudan Fragrances Corporation)

"I am glad to see the many developments since my last visit."
Bruno Chaouat (Director)

(Global Direct Procurement BASF)

"Congratulations for the CSR activities and the environment measures."
Sarah Tohill (Director)

(Global Strategic Purchasing Mane)

"Safety is in the DNA – Bravo!! The Team is available and transparent to answer all questions. Hoping to further develop business in the short term and for a long time."
Adam Carlin (Purchasing Manager)

( UK & North America OQEMA LTD)

"Really Impressed by the factory and the methods in place. Everyone is happy to work with Privi - this is a sign of great management and a great company."
Takaichiro Shimokado (General Manager – Procurement Division)

(Yasuhara Chemical)

"Very Impressed by this first visit in so many years of collaboration and looking forward to supporting you on further collaboration."

Feedback and testimonials as given in the Privi visitor’s book during site and headquarter visits.