Environment Conservation

Green Practices at Privi
  • RESUE - Privi is working on novel ways of making high value Aroma Chemicals from CST side streams and Agrochemicals from other by-products, thus reducing waste and enhancing profits.
  • REVERSE OSMOSIS - Waste water processed by through Reverse Osmosis, 85% of waste water is treated and reused in the cooling towers, Boiler feed.
  • WASTE ACIDS - Waste acids such as Sulphuric acid and Phosphoric acid - Polished & Reused in the process.
  • ORGANIC WASTES - Organic Wastes such as Tops & Residues converted into Valued Added Products.
  • WASTE SOLVENTS - Waste solvents such as Methanol, Pet Ether, Cyclohexane redistilled and recycled into the process.
Environment Conservation

The chemical industry is by far not the only reason for environmental pollution - this would be the burning of coal followed by increasing car traffic and others. Around the globe, the chemical industry often gets a large share of the public attention because of the localized nature of its pollution and the general lack of awareness with chemical processes.

Respect for the environment is a natural outgrowth of Privi’s legacy of responsible innovation. Through solutions across the range of our manufacturing process, we aim to reduce emissions, recycle waste and improve our eco-friendly operations.

Environment Day 2022

We, at Privi celebrate World Environment Day every year. This year's theme ‘Only One Earth', which draws our attention towards playing our role effectively while living in perfect harmony with nature - without proving a burden on it. We celebrated Environment Day by arrange several activities like planting trees, awareness program on environmental issues of global warming, sustainability’s value and future need etc.