Work Life Balance

Employees want to balance work with the rest of the activities they wish to pursue in life. Work balance is especially important in the current day and times as employees are used to cramming their days with diverse activities and hours of electronic communication. Privi assists all employees to seek and maintain their own work balance and support and encourage this as a life style practice through its decisions, policies, values, and expectations at the workplace. This helps Privi to recruit and retain the level of employees we seek.

Work Life Balance
Work Life Balance

A few approaches and value systems that Privi as an organization encourages to maintain work life balance for all employees are:

  • Flexible Work Schedules
  • Offer Paid Time Off
  • Allow employees to Model the Work-Life Balance themselves
  • Set Expectations That Time Off Is Indeed Time Off
  • Allow Employees to Take Unpaid Leave as Needed for Life Cycle Needs
  • Don't Expect Employees to Work Long Hours and Weekends All the Time
  • Offer the Opportunity for Employees to Job Share or Work Part-Time

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