Health & wellness is pivotal for building strong community & subsequently strong country. Our health care initiatives are interventions for building more productive and strong community. Due to deficient health care facilities people should not loose days and months of employment but in an extreme case even loose life. We aim at providing basic health care facilities through active intervention, maternal and infant care, child care, cataract operation and eye-checkups, health check-up, hygiene and wellness camps, wellness facilities, good sanitization facilities, quality of life interventions etc.

  • Health Check-up camps
  • Cataract Operation Camps
  • Blood donation camps
  • Aid and assistance in the area of medical research or medical treatment
  • Health & Hygiene camps
  • Diet and Nutrition Camp
  • Diet and Nutritional counselling for expectant and new mothers
  • Distribution of Sports Kit to School
  • Safe drinking water for children in school
  • Safe drinking water for Anganwadi / Balwadi
  • Safe drinking water for the community
  • Distribution of Rainwear & Footwear
  • Distribution of clothes & blankets other necessities to shelter from weather extremities

Karanjkhol Duttawadi, Mahad Drinking Water Project – Providing drinking water facility (which includes Borewell, Pipeline and Distribution system - No. of Beneficiaries – 350)